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Feb 9, 2013 7:00am EST
world, are you asserting the right to use force whether it is on the streets of london? absolutely not. the bush and obama administration have had the same legal rationale that the war with the al qaeda is gone all around the world because they are attacking us all around the world and we have the right to defend ourselves all around the world. our legal right to defend ourselves and use force bombs up against the rights of every other country in the world to control their own territory. they are sovereigns in their own territory. if they can deal with the own problem in their territory through their law enforcement means, we cannot have the legal right to trone someone, detain someone, in a foreign country as we would. france does not have the right to drones someone here. in a small number of countries, the country is allowing its territory to be used for attacks against americans or is unwilling or unable to stop them. the united states under the bush and obama demonstrations say we have the right to use force. that is what is happening in pakistan or somalia or yemen or some of the
Feb 8, 2013 7:00am EST
30 years and i was a london bureau chief and worked there for abc. they did cut back. covering international news is expensive. they will provide to the picture and not the context or actual reporting. you can take that picture and voice over so feels international or in washington. we've got boots on the ground, people in mali, nigeria, people in bangladesh. it is not everyone's cup of tea. i don't believe every american can't wake up and say what is happening in mali today but many people are not happy with what they are getting from american television news networks and they have broader interests. the web site traffic indicates -- the last year or even admitted he gets some news on aljazeera that he does not get from other places. that is our audience. host: brooklyn, new york, democrats online. caller: good morning, i am looking forward to aljazeera english this is what i am expecting from aljazeera in english -- once in awhile it would be nice if you talked about the truth of 9/11 why architects and engineers have asked for a new investigation. why wouldn't the government
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2